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The Escape Key supports initiatives and acts where it can to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

We are small business located in a Victorian era warehouse. The nature of the building does pose challenges for sustainability particularly with heating in winter and cooling in the summer. There is no mains gas supply or central heating so heating and cooling are provided by portable appliances.


  • All plastic, metal, glass and paper produced or bought into the venue is recycled, re-used or repurposed.

  • The Escape Key does not provide parking for staff and we encourage our staff to use greener ways to get to work. Currently all our staff cycle, walk or take public transport.

  • All communications with customers are paperless, reducing ink and paper usage. Customers are also reminded that they don’t need to print their tickets. Safety waivers are done through QR codes

  • We use rechargeable batteries in torches and other in game items. Where possible battery operated devices have been converted to run off low voltage electricity supply. Cable ties – used to tie up prisoners in the Witch game are reusable helping us cut down on plastic waste.

  • No disposable cups or plates are used in the staff kitchen and signage reminds staff to save energy for example only filling the kettle with the amount needed.

If you have any suggestions for other actions we can take please get in touch by email.

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