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Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion


The society we live in is diverse and we  believe escape rooms are activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Mobility Difficulties.

  • Unfortunately there is no lift in the  building and we are based on level two and three which are accessed only by stairs. This means regretfully we are not wheelchair accessible.

  • Chairs are placed at the top of each flight for those in need of a rest. Additional chairs can be placed in the escape games for those that cannot stand for too long.

Anxiety concerns.

  • Some of our games have jump scares or spooky themes, which can be reduced on request, but we do  also have games that aren’t ‘scary’ so there is something for everyone. 

  • To allay fears about the escape rooms we offer a walk through service so that customers can feel more prepared.

  • If requested, we can keep the exit doors unlocked.

  • For those who wish to leave the room early, we can let them relax in our reception or when possible let them watch their team's progress from the control room.

Sensory issues.

  • Noise and light reduction- some games have immersive lighting and sound effects, these can be reduced if necessary, and we can also offer ear defenders to those who request it. 


  • All of our game intros have subtitle options, along side this clues can be given in as text as well as audio.

  • Our staff are very diverse and speak a range of languages: French, Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Spanish, Portuguese meaning we can support players who don't speak English.


  • We strive to create a safe space for all regardless of race, gender identity and  sexual orientation. 

  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards any and all prejudices that may impact employee's and customer's experience. ​

Modern Slavery.

  • The Escape Key acknowledges the issue of modern slavery, and we take proactive steps towards mitigating its impact. We are committed to ethical practices in all aspects of our business and any potential risks of modern slavery within the supply chain.

  • We ensure our staff are paid fairly, (above the living wage) regardless of age, gender, race or nationality. We have clear reporting channels for employees to report any issues relating to modern slavery. Additionally, we train employees on identifying signs of modern slavery so they can further strengthen the company's stance against it.

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