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Question #11: Is the escape room game single or multi-room?

Our Answer: Some people have a perception, probably arising from the term ‘escape room’ that an escape game involves being locked in a single room. For some people, this will be an unpleasant prospect and bring feelings of claustrophobia.

Why Ask? Even for those that don’t mind being in a relatively small space, single room escape games can be a limiting experience. There is a real thrill in discovering new parts of an escape game and exploring the new environment. Players feel they are making progress as they move to a new section. The trend is for escape rooms to have more than one room but there are still plenty of single room games out there.

At the Escape Key, all our escape games are multi-room games. Players have to uncover new rooms and chambers. For example, Electric City starts on a Victorian cobbled street and players break into Joseph Swan’s study before navigating secret passages to find his laboratory. We display information about the number of rooms within the game on our website.

Find out more about each of our escape rooms, even have a sneak peek with 360-degree views:

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