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Question #12: Are there any discounts?

Our Answer: Most people like to know they are getting a good deal and so it is worth asking if there are any discounts available.

Why Ask? Discounts can work in lots of ways. They may be time limited e.g. for the half term holidays or for a Halloween special. They may also be for certain groups of people e.g. for students or NHS staff. Discounts may also apply for the whole group or just the individual. If this is not clear on the website, you should call and ask.

At The Escape Key, our prices are not the cheapest, in fact they are probably the most expensive in the region. We charge a price that reflects the quality of our product and service … just like restaurants and shops. We do understand that not everyone has the same income or spending power so at The Escape Key we have a number of ways that help people save money. Children get 20% off, Students 10% and NHS, Armed and emergency services workers get 7.5%. All our Hen and Stag parties also get a 10% discount. Further savings can be made by booking at off peak or super off-peak times.

A special note about discount sites like Groupon or Wowcher: The conditions stipulated and commission charged by these huge companies are simply unfeasible. They require a 50 percent discount and then take 36% commission meaning a six-person booking normally worth £100 would only give £14 to the business!

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