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Question #2: What do escape rooms look like?

Ever wondered what an escape room looks like? Unless you have ever played an escape room, then it could be an absolute mystery.

Our Answer: What something looks like is a hugely important factor in helping customers choose whether to buy or not, or choose to find out more. How are potential customers meant to decide on an escape room experience if they have no idea what it looks like?

It has always puzzled us why so many escape room owners are so secretive about their games and don’t allow any photographs or video of the game’s room. Some fear that people will steal their secrets, while others think that showing images of the room will ‘give too much away for’ prospective players. Putting images of the game’s room on websites and flyers is a great way for escape rooms to show off their games. As well as giving customers confidence to choose a particular escape room.

At the Escape Key, not only do we have images of our rooms, but also 360-degree movies which let potential customers ‘look around’ the game to get a feel of the quality of the design. We put a lot of emphasis and effort into the set decoration, we really want the players to feel they have entered another world.

Conversely, there are some escape room companies that don’t put much money or effort into the aesthetic design of the rooms … think vinyl stone effect flooring or brick print wallpaper. It may not surprise you that you won’t find many images of these cheaply built rooms.

Check out our escape room 360 views:

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