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Question #7: Will my team have a dedicated Games Master during the experience?

The quality of the Games Master is crucial in determining whether or not the customers have a superb experience. Even if the game itself is brilliant, without a talented and attentive Games Master, the experience will not be as good as it should.

Our Answer: Some escape room owners ask their Games Masters to run two or more games at once. While it may be possible to do this, it means that the Games Master cannot give the players their full attention. What this means in practice is that the Games Master may not respond promptly when players ask for hints to help. Worse still they may not even respond at all as they could be dealing with another group who’ve just arrived. This is another cost cutting tactic employed by some escape room owners to increase their profits.

At the Escape Key, every customer group has their own dedicated Games Master who meets and greets the team, introduces the game and closely monitors the players during their game before celebrating with them and taking their team photograph at the end.

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