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Question #8: Are escape rooms suitable for children?

Our Answer: We have noticed a big increase in the number of enquiries for children’s parties at our escape rooms. Are they suitable for children? The short answer is both yes and no, depending on the age of the children, the theme of the room and the difficulty of the puzzles.

Why Ask? Some escape rooms display a clear age limit on their escape games, while others do not. An unsuitable game may lead to an unpleasant or frustrating experience which could put a child off this great form of entertainment forever. So it would be best to call up the venue prior to booking to ask which is the most suitable for children of a particular age. Look out for price discounts for children too.

At the Escape Key, all our games can be played by children, but we recommend that children under 13 are accompanied by adults – usually playing alongside their family. Our games are quite challenging so younger children would generally struggle playing on their own. While playing in a family group they can contribute to solving many of the puzzles. In fact, for some tasks like crawling through a tunnel being small is an advantage.

As children get older they like to do things with their friends and we have hosted more than 100 children’s parties. Our Games Masters are highly skilled in giving the right amount of support to help the teams keep making progress.

In the end we don’t operate a hard and fast age limit as we believe parents know their children best. But personally we recommend either our ElectriCity or Armageddon escape rooms for children groups to play.

Find out more about ElectriCity here and Armageddon here.

All under 16’s get 20% off an adult ticket.

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