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Question #5: What is the best team size?

We are often asked what the best team size is. But, are they best played by a two-person team or a six-person team?

Our Answer: Escape games are generally harder for two person teams and some games can’t be completed at all by a pair. However, if a team is too large, the experience might be diminished as players can’t be as involved and interact with all the challenges.

At the Escape Key, the games are all multi-room games and relatively spacious so groups of 6 and above can physically be accommodated. Although, for the best experience we recommend a team of between four and six, as this is the size the games were designed for.

In linear games, where you complete one task before moving to the next one, some players (especially in larger groups) may feel they are not as involved as someone else working on the puzzle. For this reason we build in non-linear parts to the games meaning for larger groups different people can work on different things at the same time, although for two person teams this is more difficult.

We would advise if you’re unsure or haven’t played any escape rooms before to call up and ask the staff on their opinions. This can be that one of the “statistically” hardest games could be easier for a team of two, as it may be less non-linear than perhaps the “easiest” room which may be more non-linear.

For larger groups of 8 plus players, we recommend splitting into two or more teams and starting the games at the same time for some friendly competition.

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