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Question #4: Is it an immersive experience?

An immersive escape room experience is one where all the elements of storyline, set design, music, sound effects and lighting all combine to make players suspend reality and feel they’ve stepped into another world. Essentially, how real does it feel?

Our Answer: If the escape room can’t explain the elements they use to create an immersive experience (and they don’t have images or videos of the room to show the quality of the set design), then chances are it won’t be immersive when you play.

At the Escape Key, the game entrance door is key ... pardon the pun ... it is something the players may have been looking at during the introduction so it is important that it fits the game they're about to play. A well made door can increase the level of anticipation and excitement. Once across the threshold the players begin to explore their new surroundings, and by explore I mean not just looking. As human beings we have a natural instinct to touch things ... it's how we understand the properties of our surroundings and our finger tips are packed with nerve endings for this very reason. Wood, stone, metal and brick are recognisable not only by sight but also through the texture that we feel when we touch them.

Our aim is to create authentic looking spaces, using or creating authentic sets means going way beyond brick patterned wallpapers and stone effect floor coverings. It does take longer to construct and in most cases will cost more money, but we believe it is this attention to detail that helps make an immersive experience that players will really enjoy.

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